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She knew that the orgasm was going to come alone and was very close. She feared that if she stopped, the electricity within her would disappear, so she continued, pushing her fingers in again and again, stroking her clit with her thumb. She opened her eyes for a second to look at the balcony and was disconcerted to see it completely empty. But that didn’t stop Ruth; she didn’t need them to feed the spark electrifying her entire body. She could feel molten sweat erupting from every pore, pricking with the wind that suddenly eased in through the window over her skin and her soaking fingers. She was about to, had just about come to orgasm…Elly was holding a long, thin paintbrush.Anne said "I don't know, I don't keep score." Anne looked at me emphatically, knowing I kept a notebook of our "hobby".When Kelly felt his cock begin to grow even bigger inside of her pussy, she too knew that he was about to cum."Thanks, Mr. Henderson," John said, getting out of the car.The two ladies cleaned off their breasts and took their positions next to Chris and I. I was surprised at how eager my wife was to allow someone else go down on her. Lynn spread her legs wide open and pulled her tiny bikini bottom to the side and Chris dove straight in. I watched in anticipation waiting to see how my wife was going to react. Watching her take pleasure in what Chris was doing to her was an unexpected pleasure in itself. There I was standing up watching my wife getting her pussy eaten out by another man and I found myself caught in a trance, so much so, I hadn’t realized that Melissa had removed her bottom and sat on the edge of the lounge chair. She grabbed my hand and called me to give her some attention. I looked at Melissa and she was absolutely hot and waiting for my attention. I got on my knees and positioned myself between her legs looking at her bald and pierced pussy. Her vulva lips were a bit bigger than Lynn’s but it was the piercing that really caught my attention. She had a barbell pierced through the fleshy part above her clitoris. I slowly made my way to her pussy and just before I tasted her, I closed my eyes recalling the smells that I enjoyed in the panty that she had exchanged with Lynn."I'm in your bathroom," Cassidy's voice replied, surprising me from just a few feet away. "I thought it would be easier to clean in here in case there was a mess.""I know what she means. It must be the altitude, or something. I'm really horny, too, ever since last night" said my wife.

"I'm sorry, John," Tom said, "I didn't mean for you to hear that.""You win, this time." Jan muttered playfully.We arrived at the nightclub and met Chris and Melissa. Chris was looking sharp in a pair of skinny legged trousers and a fitted long-sleeve shirt that highlighted his very tone figure. Melissa was an absolute sight to see…. She was rocking a fitted red blouse with a high collar that sexily exposed her shapely shoulders and hugged her chest area fastening at her lower back. Her top had a large diamond opening in the middle of her chest exposing her luscious cleavage, and with the back of her blouse exposing her entire back, it was clear that she like my wife was wearing no bra, it was very evident seeing how snug her skirt was that Melissa wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Melissa was killing it in a pair of red patent leather “fuck-me” pumps to round off her sultry attire. We met and headed to the restaurant portion of the club and as we prepared to sit, Lynn suggested that we start the swap early and sit with the other’s spouse. Chris jumped at the opportunity and assumed his place next to my wife, and I happily sat next to Melissa. The couples sat together across from the other allowing each to witness how their respective spouse with their new partner. There was definitely a lot of sexual tension in the air but there was almost as much apprehension surrounding us as well. Throughout dinner, it was evident that both Chris and Lynn were playing with each other under the table. As for me and Melissa, she had pulled my cock out of my pants and been stroking me off and on through dinner. My left hand and fingers spent most of the night up Melissa’s skirt and in between her legs playing with her pussy. As I played with Melissa through dinner, I got turned on both by playing with Melissa’s pussy and seeing how erect my wife’s nipples were as Chris played with her. Melissa’s top was so snuggly fit that her nipples couldn’t hide the fact that like my wife, she was enjoying what was happening to her under the table. It seemed that she had changed up the jewelry on her pussy lips, instead of the barbell over the hood of her clit, she had what felt like a small hoop on one of her vulva lips and a tiny chain with a charm that felt like a heart…. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I sure looked forward to finding out for sure. Through dinner, we playfully threw out sexual innuendos that heightened the tension flowing between us. As the second and third bottles of wine emptied, I realized that inhibitions were lowering by the minuteHe had come to an open archway leading into what looked like some sort of kitchen. Unlike the hallway, which was covered in soft black carpeting that matched the walls, this room's floor bore a colorful spiraling tile mosaic. It made him a bit dizzy when his eyes lingered on it too long."Is that what you'd like, Kelly?" he asked, again shocked by the way she talked.Kent began pulling off his shirt. I thought Jan was going to get annoyed, which concerned me, because I really was enjoying this. Janet just grabbed the hem of her shirt, and in one swift move pulled it off over her head. She tossed the wet shirt to her husband, then unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled out of them. Not wanting to be different, I was soon in my underwear, too. Both women looked quite lovely by the bright glow thrown off by the fireplace. Like Anne, Jan's attire was damp, and her nipples were clearly visible through the bra. I could also make out the dark patch of fur through her wet panties. I grinned at my wife as we clustered around the small dinette table.
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"I'll tell you what, John," Tom said, giving him $10 for helping him back at the house. "You talk to your sister and see what she thinks of your idea, without mentioning me if you can do that, and then get in touch with me. We'll talk more then," as his eyes stayed glued to Kelly who was moving her ass seductively."Sweetheart, you're the Outtie for my Innie." She often tells me that.A thoughtful look crossed Cassidy's pretty face as she said, "Where are we going to put this?""I sure do," he admitted. "We can make it a weekly thing if you want to."As I had asked, Doug started slow, easing his cock all the way out to the head and gently sliding it back in. I watched transfixed by the sight of my husband's big dick entering her tight pussy.Without opening her eyes, she grasped the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled the fabric up over her breasts. The sight of the creamy tops of her breasts, bulging out of the top of the purple bra which tightly encased them, sent a little tingle through me. But I had seen more of her firm, young tit flesh when she was passed out in her green bikini. Then she quickly reached behind herself, and her bra was falling away. As I continued to jack my returning erection, her big, round breasts were exposed all the way to her little, pink nipples. I could feel the tingling return."I'm always happy to see you."They finished breakfast and kissed their mother good-bye, going out to the garage to get their bicycles while Karin went to take a shower to start her day. As soon as the door to the kitchen was closed Kelly turned to John, pressing herself up against him as one hand grabbed his cock through his pants.

I suddenly wanted to give my wife a better, deeper screwing. I held her hips to me and rolled her to my side. Without taking my cock from her, I straddled her left leg, placing her right over my shoulder. In this position, my favorite, I get the deepest penetration, plus the sensation of my balls sliding across her smooth thigh. Anne was on her side facing Kent and Janet. They followed suit, with Kent now straddling his wife's shapely right leg, her beautiful melons jiggling inches from my wife's equally lovely tits. We mirrored each other, both couples making love in tandem. I noticed Janet's gaze locked where my cock slid in and out of my wife's bald pussy. Then Jan made inquisitive eye contact with me, then Anne, then with her husband. I had a guess what she was thinking, and looked to Anne, who nodded her assent. I pulled out of my wife and swung my left leg back and away. Holding her right leg up by way of invitation, I motioned with my head for Kent to cut in. He slowed to a stop and dismounted his wife. Kent accepted Anne's ankle from my grasp and straddled her leg. My wife reached for his cock and guided him in. He was already thrusting vigorously into her when I approached Janet, who held her arms out to me. She cocked her leg back, allowing me access to her pretty pussy. Her sparse pubic hair was wet, plastered to her mound. I lay my glistening erection on her wet thigh and slid towards her pink folds. Her warm wetness enveloped my cock. I pushed deeper until out pelvises met, then I started thrusting slowly."To let some guy fuck you," John said."We will be," I said. Casting any semblance of control to the wind, I almost ran down the hallway after her.Downstairs, Tiffany had returned from her shower. She put her bathrobe away and hesitated, debating whether she should just get dressed for bed since she had not planned to go out that night. Another possibility occurred to her: She was already nude; should she practice what she had just agreed to do for Buford? she wondered. She smiled mischievously: Why not? What could it hurt?In an instant, I felt a deep connection to Melissa beyond just sex.... I now had a new lover! I began to ease my cock in and out of her. Her tight pussy walls held onto my cock and her pleasure increased with every thrust. We were locked in missionary position and we seemed content to stay there. We remained in a warm and tit embrace as I continued to slowly pump my cock in and out of Melissa. Our eyes locked and it was if we looked into each other's souls as we made love to each other. Melissa wrapped her legs around me holding me tight with her thighs. I began to steadily increase my pace slowly going faster and with more intensity. I could feel my desire to cum build in me so I pulled out of Melissa to grab a condom. I put the condom on and Melissa told me that she wanted to give Chris and Lynn the same show that they gave us. I lay in the edge of the bed and Melissa mounted me "reverse cowgirl" giving our spouses a clear view of us making love. As Melissa rode me, she began to rub her clit building her towards another orgasm. Melissa's pace on my cock began to increase as did the intensity that she rubbed herself. I felt the urge to blow my load in Melissa but I tried to hold out till she came again. I felt her pussy walls begin to tremble and squeeze me as she began to moan and scream... this was my moment. I stayed off as long as I could and somehow managed a few more od Melissa's pelvic thrusts before I exploded. Melissa forced her waist down on to me as hard as she could as I shot my load into my condom. Sensing that I was complete, Melissa lifted herself off of me and laid her body atop of me showing her freshly fucked pussy to Chris and Lynn.I tried to walk slowly up the stairs, but it was very difficult not to rush or to look back over my shoulder to make sure that Cassidy was going to follow me. Once in the stairwell, I was hidden from the bar.
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Jan gestured toward to commode. "Go ahead, you're not showing me anything I haven't seen before." She grinned at me. "Though, it does seem a terrible waste of "morning wood.""Names," Elly cooed.Trys was blonde. She was a honey addict! Right? Surely Mistress was mistaken.Janet scrambled off of me, much to my disappointment.And this isn't?!! I thought to myself, but what I said was, "Are you serious?"It took Ia what felt like hours to muster the word, and as she struggled, the paintbrush continued its torture, the fairies continued humping her needy nipples, and the third fairy flew up and started tickling the long feather around her neck. And Elly continued to smile at her—a cruel, knowing, triumphant smile.Read More »They finished playing the round and picked up their bags to walk to the parking lot.
You're weaker, the other part of him said. So weak. So horny. So weak and horny and obedient. So horny. Such a good boy...To my surprise, Cassidy didn't hesitate. "Fine, it's a deal." She extended her hand, and we shook on it, after which she said, "You're going to hate being wrong."Buford smirked at the sight of her pokies, then went on with his story: "Before I reached for the funnel, I took another look at those enchanting lips. They obviously wanted to play, peeking out at me like that, and suggesting to me that they would be a helluva lot more fun to use than any old stick to clean off my boots. I couldn't argue with that, so I tried to stick the toe of my boot between them, to part them a little so I could get a better view. When I did that, you squirmed and spread your legs enough for me to get the toe in between them and then press down on them and spread them apart until they lay flat. They had blossomed beautifully, opening up like the petals of a flower. They looked so open and inviting, splayed out like that, and were just begging me to use them."As I turned the corner into my bathroom, I found her kneeling in my bathtub, still fully dressed, eyes closed. Her pretty face and cute little nose, which I had been fantasizing about covering with my cum mere seconds before, was tantalizing. But the rest of it was.. awkward. The glaring bright lights of my bathroom and the cheap white porcelain of the tub made me feel uncomfortable. Even the sight of Cassidy submissively waiting for me was both arousing and confusing."I won't, mom," Kelly assured her. "I promise."Read More »
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"You better get to your own room now," John said, rolling off her to let her up."Good." She buried her face in Anja's pussy again."No, I guess not," John agreed, staring at her."Sex," Kelly said emphatically, seeing him blush.We pored through the basket as we debated what to do next. Kent was examining the bottles."I'll say," Kelly said with a laugh at his unintended pun. "You could make money with that thing.""As often as we can!" I laughed then stopped when the look on her face didn't change.She had already walked around to my desk and was looking at my computer screen. Her blue eyes quickly flashed back to mine, and then lowered to the noticeable bulge poking up into the front of my pants.

"What do I get when it turns out this whole story is true?" I demanded.The next day, Cassidy didn't emerge from her room until 1 in the afternoon. I hadn't heard her come in the night before, so assumed she was sleeping off a long night of partying. When I did finally see her, she shuffled out of her room in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt and headed straight for our kitchen.Those soft features, those big eyes and trembling lips, even the ones who weren't so sweet had that look to them. I shifted as I turned to face the other side of the dance floor and sighed when the material of my lace bra rubbed across my stiff nipples.If you think smiling is the best thing you can do with your mouth, take a break (maybe grab a Kit-Kat) and prepare to wow your partner tonight ..."...not counting the guys that were blowjobs only." I added. Anne rolled her eyes at me."You heard me. I know why you're here, Kim," she said softly.
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John was up and awake eating breakfast the next morning before Kelly ever appeared at the table but she was already dressed for school in a mid-thigh skirt and blouse, and she even had a bra on. Because of Karin's presence they couldn't really talk about the only thing in the world that Kelly wanted to talk about, what would happen that night."See?" Elly giggled. "Ia's a smart girl, and she doesn't wanna be a bimbo. And only bimbos give in to stuff like this. So she's gonna stay like this for the rest of the month!"With everyone's sexual appetites sated for the moment, we finally settled down to eat before breakfast got too cold. Over pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and muffins we discussed plans for the day's activities. Whatever was decided upon, it surely would include more sex. We thought about just staying in and fucking the rest of the day, but the girls decided that Kent and I needed to recharge, so we opted for morning shopping, followed by afternoon skiing."Awww, come on!" she pleaded. "Just one song!""I love your breasts, they're so sexy," I responded as Cassidy's hands tugged upwards over my excited pole. "Your face is so beautiful... your eyes and your lips... You're so sexy!" I was losing control, both over my words and my body."Jenna?" he replied weakly. "Wow, uh, I wouldn't think this would be your type of place.""You do what you want to, son," Jason said."God, Kelly, you are one sexy sister," John said, laughing while his eyes were twinkling. "But that's fine with me. Now I've got to go play golf," he said, opening the door to leave.

"Oh, honey, you're just perfect!" I laughed, placing my lips to her ear. "So would you be interested in coming home with me tonight?""Oh, yes," Kelly panted, "fuck me, please fuck me," trying to lift her pussy to meet his slowly penetrating cock.I was rewarded with a spurt of cum hitting me on the lips before I sucked him deep into it. I groaned as his cock continued to squirt into my willing mouth and also at the sight of more of his cum spilling from Jenna's after greedily sucking down some of his thick cum, I removed my mouth and jerked him off watching the last of his cum spill down his shaft. I received another thrill when Jenna quickly started licking it from his cock moaning as she did."Yes, I can see you." Said Anne into the phone, waving to the figure that appeared at the window across the road. She listened for another moment, nodding her head."I'm not going to wear any," she declared, smiling at him. "It makes me feel so wicked and horny to be naked under my skirt. Plus, I like rubbing my clit on the bicycle seat," she said, mounting the bicycle and obviously rubbing herself on the seat as they began the ride to school.As Buford relentlessly plied her backside with more and more hard rubber, Tiffany had found herself sorely wishing she could release her cheeks so she could rub her belly; but she had to continue holding her cheeks open like a book, waiting until she was released from her duty by hearing her taskmasters chortle the command "Shut sesame!" She had therefore tried to keep her moans and groans as soft and low as she could to make sure she could hear the arcane mystic words. Hypnotism really does work, thought Tiffany.
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The fire proved to be an easy chore, the blaze was beginning to radiate heat throughout the room. By then, Kent had also finished concocting Hot Toddies, heavy on the Rum, as usual. Anne and Jan were already sipping theirs while preparing dinner. Kent brought me one, clinking glasses with me. "Life is good." he said. "It sure is, Buddy!" I replied. We admired the women in the kitchen for a moment. "To lovely ladies." I toasted. Anne smiled and blew me a kiss, mouthing the words "I love you". Jan saw her do this, and padded towards me in stocking feet. Jan is a beautiful woman. The youngest of us all, she maintains a gorgeous figure even after two children. "I love you, too." She said, and kissed me on the lips. Not the usual peck, either. This was a little more serious than anything before. I enjoyed it, and kissed her back. Janet's tongue darted in my mouth. This drew whoops from both Anne and Kent. The alcohol was beginning to take effect, prompting Kent to animatedly "help" Anne with meal preparation. Of course this meant lots of grinding his crotch against her lovely ass, and cupping her tits through her sweater. Jan and I finished our lingering kiss. As she stepped away, she gave me a look, and a provocative arching of her eyebrows."So," I began, my heart racing, "Do you like guys, too?"Leftover Words – An Erotic StoryAnd she kissed him again, and his mind fell utterly into honeyed bliss."But you must," she purred. "And you know you will eventually. It's what Mistress wants.”"Yup, you need something?" I asked, careful to keep my pants-filled erection behind the door.I wrapped my hands around her neck, telling her that I needed more, much more. In response, her fingers pinpointed my clit with assured, circular movements. I let out several moans in which her name was camouflaged. Normally resting so easily and unexceptionally on my lips, it now seemed to acquire a totally different hue. Now it sounded passionate, more delicate."Do you know what mead is?" she asked him, smiling. He kept his mouth determinedly shut. "Mead means pleasure, boy. Mead means pleasure for silly humans who don't know how good it feels to belong to us. Silly humans, silly catgirls, silly elves and mothboys and mothgirls... and don't you feel nice right now?"
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Again, Kent and I grinned at each other. "Might I suggest that you lovely ladies would be more comfortable in front of the fire?" I said.Kent scrambled to his feet and stepped around behind Anja."You want me to arrange sex for money for you?" he asked. "But your condition is you get to have me whenever you want?"They finished breakfast and kissed their mother good-bye, going out to the garage to get their bicycles while Karin went to take a shower to start her day. As soon as the door to the kitchen was closed Kelly turned to John, pressing herself up against him as one hand grabbed his cock through his pants."Oh, yes," Jenna moaned. Shoving her ass back into Doug, she ground it against him.I felt Doug pause behind me and heard him say softly, "You know, her parents do travel a lot!"
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Prepare to defend myself against to usual accusations that watching porn was a dirty a deviant behavior, I responded, "Hey, it's a totally natural thing.""And I make your cock hard, don't I?" she asked, smiling at him."You mad?" she asked.After another moment, a strange mewling sound escaped the redhead.Janet spun around. Her pussy rested on my very stiff dick and her hands pressed on my chest. She paused for a moment before replying.Kelly just moaned and clutched him closer to her, his entire cock disappearing into her mouth and throat as she drank him dry. Finally he stopped cumming and Kelly stopped sucking on him, letting his cock go.We took turns devouring Anja's juicy slit. She had large, meaty pussy lips, and her clit was swollen to about the size of a fingertip.The knock on the door came just a Jan emerged from the bathroom. She was as stunning as Anne. She had on tiny white panties and a negligee, both so sheer as to be virtually see through. Jan had also put on white thigh-high stockings and white pumps similar to Anne's. Anne paused as she was heading to open the door, but Jan motioned her to go ahead. Jan and Anne opened the door for Kurt and Anja, who were obviously pleasantly surprised at the reception.

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