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"I didn't know what to think at the time," she went on, "but after I got home the ideas just started coming to me. I knew you took good care of your boots, and had seen you clean them with a soft brush and cloth and saddle soap, but I don't think I had ever seen you clean the soles or the bottom of the heels."I lied!" Ia whimpered, hating her Mistress, hating herself. "Liedliedlied—""No, no, no," Cassidy responded, shaking her head emphatically to emphasize her point, her smooth red hair waiving back and forth. "I was raised that a deal is a deal. You make an agreement, or you have an obligation, you live up to it and fulfill your part. I said you could cum on my face and you were right, so I'll let you cum on my face."If there was a bed in the room I did not realize; I was too busy letting myself be carried away by the sensation being released with every touch of their lips on my skin. She now knelt in front of me, kissing my abdomen, which no longer seemed mine: it was the home of at least a hundred butterflies, each competing to land against her lips. Forcing my head from its ecstatic loll, I looked down at her, her hungry eyes not wavering from my face. Like a puppet, I extended my hand and pulled her to stand. We melted again into a moist, needy kiss. I hugged her body and held on as she let her hands loose along body,"It is you!" Jenna exclaimed excitedly. "I was sitting over in the corner and saw you dancing!""Anyway, I wondered why you hadn't asked me how I felt about your wiping the soles off on my pussy, but then it occurred to me that you already knew the answer, or at least thought you did. Actually, it occurred to me that you might have thought about asking me whether I would clean your boots with my mouth, since my lips are soft and supple and would be gentle on your boots, which always look old and almost fragile to me. I thought you knew I would hesitate, and then, as you always do, you would give me an alternative, one that doesn't seem much better. In this case, you would have pointed out that if I didn't want to use my mouth to clean your boots, I had another mouth and another pair of soft, supple lips available for use.
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Special Delivery – An Erotic StorySpecial Delivery – An Erotic Story"Cassidy, you're hot," I tried, still rubbing my eyes and not sure if I should stop this or encourage it. "But you said no sex.Quickly Kelly picked up her clothes and dressed, once again the young schoolgirl who went to class with Toms daughter."You could escape, you know," the brunette whispered, for what had to be the hundredth horrid time. "Could tackle us. Could stroke yourself. Could fuck me!"They got to the building and parked their bicycles right in front, ringing the bell to Tom Henderson's office for admit-tance. When the buzzer went off, they opened the door and entered, then getting into an elevator for the ride up to the 16th floor. When the elevator door opened, Tom Henderson was standing there, a drink in his hand and a smile on his face."Well that all sounds reasonable to me," I responded with a laugh at how much thought she had put into this. I considered my options for a moment and then said, "Why don't I try to make this as easy for you as possible, to show there are no hard feelings over the bet. I'll go in my room and jerk off, and when I'm ready I'll yell for you and just finish on your face. Just go in my bathroom and we can do it in the shower so we don't make a mess."Her face was glowing as I washed mine in the kitchen sink. "I love going through the day knowing that I already came in these clothes," she said to me as she pulled on some underwear and smoothed out her skirt. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as she walked out the front door."Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do," Cassidy instructed, almost begging. "Tell me what you like."
"Oh, let me!" Jenna laughed, and as Doug raised his arms, eagerly peeled his shirt over his head and threw it to the side"Cassidy, you're hot," I tried, still rubbing my eyes and not sure if I should stop this or encourage it. "But you said no sex."God, yes," Tom Henderson gasped, not believing how hot this little high school girl was. "How about next week at the same time?" he asked."Your sister!" Tom exclaimed, his mouth opening in surprise. "How can she help?"But of course Elly would. Elly was going to strip everything that made Ia Ia away from her, turn her into a docile, obedient pet. And Ia was helping her do it."Okay," she replied. "That's fair. I owe you sex twice, whenever you want it." She looked at my cock, now standing stiffly straight with morning wood. "You want it now?"
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I walked up to the bar with an empty glass, making it look clear that I wanted another drink. I stood at the bar just a little apart from Cassidy and her two admirers, and waited for the bartender to notice me.As the evening began to wrap up, Lynn and I decided to leave. We found our guests and thanked them for a great evening and said our goodbyes. Melissa gave me a big warm hug and breathed a hot breath in my ear before planting a wet kiss on my lips. Chris embraced my wife giving her an embrace with both hands wrapped around her waist and one hand made its way up her back as the other hand moved to her ass cheeks. Just as his hand reached Lynn’s ass, his hands quickly made their way back to her waist. He planted a kiss on my wife’s face right next to her lips then finished off with a embrace with his face next to hers. The two separated and then the two ladies gave each other a hug and we men gave each other a “man hug”. Chris told me, how lucky I was to be married to such a hot and sexy woman. I returned the compliment and we shook hands and Lynn and I left."That's why I want you to go out with some of my friends," Kelly said plaintively. "They'd fuck you in a heartbeat and then we could talk about it."It knows what it wants, he thought numbly. He imagined kneeling down in the archway and begging her to... no, he couldn't think these things...Quickly taking it in her hand, she began pumping it slowly and I felt a surge of heat flow through me at the look of pure lust on Jenna's face. Her tongue ran slowly over her lips and I held my breath as she lowered her head. Doug moaned softly as her full soft lips wrapped around the tip of his cock and it disappeared between them. I heard Jenna moan in her throat and Doug gasped as with no warning she began sucking his cock fast and hard. My eyes widened at how well she was taking him deep into her throat and I recalled her saying if her parents only knew half of what she did.The Thriae. His eyes widened, even as he swayed in place. The woman who had tickled and teased him when he'd been ordered to stay still, the woman who had fucked him in his sleep earlier.I tried to tell myself not to be a pig about it. She was much cleaner than my old roommate, which I liked, and she didn't constantly borrow my groceries. She also offered me leftovers from her dinners, and she was a pretty decent cook. We had separate bedrooms and separate bathrooms, so when I got a little too interested in her attractiveness, I would excuse myself and spend some time reading or watching tv in my room. She watched horrible reality tv shows that were all about drama between women, but other than that we got along okay. Still, it was easy to try to tell myself to calm the fuck down when Cassidy looked particularly sexy getting ready to go out at night, or even leaving for work in the morning. It was a different matter trying to hide my erection when she bounced her way onto the couch in short shorts and a virtually see through white t-shirt, flashed me her dazzling smile, and then changed the channel to something on the E network."I gotta see if we still fit." I told her. Anne pondered this a moment, then with a slightly panicked look, fell to the rug, pulling me with her. She lay on her back and clutched her knees to her chest. I pushed my cock into her missionary style. She was very wet, very receptive, but not any less tight than I had felt after a busy night of sex. I withdrew and twirled my finger, motioning her to get on her hands and knees. Again, my cock slid into her familiar embrace. I pulled my cock out of her again as she rolled to her side. She raised her top leg for me, and I straddled her lower one and slipped into her tightness. She squeezed her vaginal muscles as a final reassurance, and we both relaxed.

"Hey!" a voice called out directly behind me."You're so nice, Mr. Henderson," Kelly said, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on the mouth. "I'll suck your cock for you any time," she said."Or if I knew some older guys that had more experience they could probably tell me how to do things that they like," Kelly went on."Hundreds, thousands of people." Kent roared, laughing.Just as his lips parted, she began to bounce in his lap, and he came. Sweet, sticky pleasure flooded him, drowned him, and then she was pouring mead down his throat, and he was drinking, moaning, begging and pleading. She gazed down at him with triumph as he drank the last gulp down.I crawled over to her and opened my mouth. The cum spilled out in a long thick line directly into Jenna's waiting mouth. Jenna took every drop of it, then closing her mouth swallowed hard and opening it showed me her tongue and the fact her mouth was empty.
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"The bra too," he said, staring at her tits, the nipples obvious even through the thick material that was holding them up.Jenna dropped her arms and spun around, driving her ass back into me. She leaned back against me as I had done to Becca. I brought her arms up behind her and wrapped them around my neck. She began sliding back and forth and lowering herself as far as she could without moving her arms and then sliding back up. I couldn't hold back a moan as her bare upper back rubbed my nipples through my dress while her fingers played in my hair. With a start, I realized this girl, who was less than half my age, was completely taking control of me."I told him what high school girl could resist the idea of $1,000.00 to spend on clothes and fashions and stuff like that.""Oh, no! You were fine. I just need a moment to fit you in." She answered."Uh, sure," John agreed. "But you have to pay Kelly first, in cash, okay? She won't be so nervous that way."Ia squirmed and writhed in her bonds. "P-please, Mistress!" she cried, her voice positively a moan. "She was a redhead! You were so right! Forgive this stupid bimbo! Please let me come s-so I can be smart like you!" She fixed Mistress Elly with a look of pure adoration, hoping against hope. Surely Mistress Elly would be kind. Oh, please let Mistress be kind..."I think I'd at least like to try it," Kelly said, nodding. "Especially since it's Becky's father, she can be such a snotty bitch at times and it'd be fun just knowing that I was fucking her father."In the first couple of years after we got together, we were your typical young lovers…. having sex as often as we could and everywhere we could. Things stayed that way through the first three or so years of our marriage. Following the birth of our first son, things kind of slowed down and we had settled into a routine of having sex three to four times a month. We still really enjoyed our love making sessions but between jobs, children and life, our sex life began to dwindle. My wife Lynn and I had settled into what most would term as a very structured and vanilla sex life. Neither of us was complaining, because when we did have sex, it was GREAT… or so we thought! Little did we know there was so much more to explore and experience. About four months ago, we met a couple that would change our life for the better…
Anja sucked Kurt for several minutes. When she stopped and went back to Kent, Kurt did not appear any noticeably harder.Kent asked me, "What was that all about, on the floor with Anne?""I guess not." She leaned back and frowned. "How do you know how old he is?""Uh-uh." I countered, pointing back at her. "You're now Swingers, too.""It might," I said, "It just... I don't know.""Where do you want to cum?" she asked, her bright smile never wavering. "Tell me."
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"Oh, Jenna," I whispered as my fingers pushed deep inside of her hot and incredibly tight young slit.I left the bathroom door open, expecting that she would talk to me through the doorway, but she followed me all the way into the bathroom. With a sigh of resignation, I lifted the toilet seat and began to relieve myself in front of her."Oh, my God!" Jenna moaned as I began swirling my tongue expertly around her swollen pink flesh."Fuck!" Cassidy finally exclaimed, throwing her leg back over me and falling off my cock like she was awkwardly dismounting a horse. "You fuck so hard," she complained.Slowly, the Thriae's surprised expression changed to one of sly amusement. She looked him over, golden eyes sparkling in silent laughter. "Oh, you're all ready for me, aren't you?"John watched as Mr. Henderson bent over and slid his tongue all through Kelly's pussy, which was dripping with juices. Kelly looked at him and smiled, beckoning him closer with a toss of her head.When Cassidy went for drinks at one point late in the evening, two guys at the bar sidled up to either side of her and started chatting her up. Whatever they said worked like a charm, and Cassidy was soon laughing and patting the taller of the two guys on the arm. The twinkle was back in her blue eyes, and she looked like she was soaking up the attention."Mornin', Kent. How was the coffee?" I grinned slyly at him.

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