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"M-Mistress—" The paintbrush tickled Ia's lips again, and she had to bite her lip hard to keep from being consumed in laughter. "I'll l-love you!" she squealed. "Just please don't... don't..."The fire proved to be an easy chore, the blaze was beginning to radiate heat throughout the room. By then, Kent had also finished concocting Hot Toddies, heavy on the Rum, as usual. Anne and Jan were already sipping theirs while preparing dinner. Kent brought me one, clinking glasses with me. "Life is good." he said. "It sure is, Buddy!" I replied. We admired the women in the kitchen for a moment. "To lovely ladies." I toasted. Anne smiled and blew me a kiss, mouthing the words "I love you". Jan saw her do this, and padded towards me in stocking feet. Jan is a beautiful woman. The youngest of us all, she maintains a gorgeous figure even after two children. "I love you, too." She said, and kissed me on the lips. Not the usual peck, either. This was a little more serious than anything before. I enjoyed it, and kissed her back. Janet's tongue darted in my mouth. This drew whoops from both Anne and Kent. The alcohol was beginning to take effect, prompting Kent to animatedly "help" Anne with meal preparation. Of course this meant lots of grinding his crotch against her lovely ass, and cupping her tits through her sweater. Jan and I finished our lingering kiss. As she stepped away, she gave me a look, and a provocative arching of her eyebrows.Ia's eyes widened. She trembled uncontrollably. "Elly," she whined, "please, please no. I'll be yours! I'll fuck you, I'll lick you, but please, don't—""Doug doesn't really like to dance. I certainly don't feel comfortable dancing with a young guy, and you know it's always okay for girls to dance."After a while, we decided to enter the club itself where to my chagrin I discovered the dress code banned bikinis, so if any of the young lovelies from the beach wanted in they would have to get dressed. My disappointment was short-lived as once inside it was apparent the club didn't require a lot of clothing, just not bathing suits."You have a really big dick, I don't know if I've told you that already," she said, still smiling. And then she leaned down and my aching cock head disappeared between her soft lips."I'm the tall, skinny Redhead." She peered through the reflection on the glass.Ia squirmed as the sucking at her breasts became slightly more intense. "P-please," she whimpered. She was near tears again.

"So what," Kelly said. "You afraid to skinny-dip with me?" she asked, smiling at him.Tiffany's tender nether lips began to ache in empathetic response to Buford's story. Tiffany began to wonder whether they really did have a mind of their own.“And what,” Elly said slowly, “does that make you?”Buford snapped his fingers to wake her from her reverie. Tiffany jumped, her tit tips atingle."Good."Tiffany slowly opened one eye and watched as the door closed quietly behind the boy. She smiled, thinking of how she had fooled him into believing she had been asleep the whole time: He'd be sure to come back now.
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Then Mr. Henderson positioned his cock at the entrance to Kelly's pussy, staring at her wide eyes for a moment and then looked at John."Not if you're with me," Kelly replied, smiling at him. "Did you talk to him?" she asked, sinking down on the grass next to him."I bet everything about you is," I said, resisting the urge to kiss her right then and there. I didn't see any lights on around us, but still, no need to take a chance. I could wait another minute.Perhaps what was really odd was that Ruth was spying on them instead of shutting the window and returning to her work. The truth was that the bookseller could not look away from those two. The scene of two women leaning so casually as they chatted on their balcony, completely naked, unnerved and excited her equally."Is it even better than, 'here honey, now you lick her pussy'?"And pure, perfect pleasure consumed Ia's mind."But I want to play!" I said, all but stamping my foot.For years, I have read stories in Penthouse’s Forum and now SLS’ Erotic Stories and have always thought if any of these stories were ever true or were they mostly comprised of people’s vivid and erotic imagination. I am happy to report that it seems like stories like these can and do happen… even to normal people.

He loved his kittens."Here we go," he said, slowly pushing forward."They made excellent targets, splayed out like that, and let me pummel them, first with one boot heel, then the other, making good contact; but they were obviously just getting their kicks from getting kicked, since they just kept on playfully taunting me, inviting further abuse, by putting themselves on display like that. They did look a bit sore after I put them through the wringer a few times though." Buford laughed in appreciation of the pleasant memory.And the runerod pushed in completely."Yeah, true," she plowed onward hurriedly, "But it's worth a thousand points. That's huge, I mean really huge. Some things in a scavenger hunt are worth ten, some things tonight even are only worth fifty. And this one is a thousand, and it's totally doable, unlike some other things on the list where you either know how to find them or you're screwed... anyway, some of the other teams have couples on them, which is totally unfair. Some of them saw the list and rushed right off to the bar bathroom.""Great!" John said, ?I?ll be looking forward to it.
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The girl was slow to respond, so the boy jerked up on the handle again, so that it pointed up at an angle. The girl's head jerked up as she went down on her elbows, and she quickly nodded her understanding. Satisfied, the boy got ready to leave. For a moment he considered leaving the spoon where it was, but immediately thought better of it. He didn't want her to wake up to find her ass plugged with the spoon and wondering how it got there. He placed his left hand on her bottom and pulled steadily with his right until the bowl stopped his progress. He paused for a few moments to consider how best to proceed; then shoved the spoon deep again and immediately yanked back on it in order to gain some momentum. The spoon pulled free with both an audible pop as Tiffany's anus opened wide and shut tight in an instant and an audible gasp as Tiffany's mouth opened wide at least. She moaned softly: "Thank you." Surprised but pleased, the boy grinned and patted her affectionately on the bottom and said: "Hope you didn't get any splinters!"That Saturday night, Cassidy once again did something I had not expected, and I surprised myself. We went out to drinks with several friends to celebrate our former roommates' upcoming wedding. Cassidy was wearing this short, tight, powder blue dress that showed off all of her fantastic curves. Her smooth, toned legs were on full display, with the hem of her dress ending well above her knees. The dress hugged her round, toned ass, and also clung to the swell of her big, round boobs. The front of the dress scooped low to show off the full tops of her smooth, perky breasts. And I was far from the only one to notice how amazing she looked that night."No, it's a pleasure. John's a good kid and he'll beat you one of these days, even if we don't.""Well, if you keep thinking like this I wouldn't doubt it for a minute," Tom agreed.John could not believe that he had his cock buried in his sister's pussy yet again, and it felt so good he could hardly believe it. And tight too, he could feel her pussy lips clinging to his cock; each time he pulled back, only to disappear again moving his cock as he plunged back inside of his sister. He soon had a fierce rhythm going as he slammed his cock in and out of his sister's pussy, smacking his belly against her ass each time he thrust deep into her.She wriggled a bit more, and then climbed off. His cock glistened with my wife's love juice. Anne knelt over him again and licked away the shiny coating she had left. Jan was still only inches away, watching enviously. When Anne moved up his shaft to lick the head, Jan ducked in to get a taste, too. Anne is a very generous person, but she can be rather selfish when she has a cock in her mouth. Many times I've seen her nudge away another woman until she's decided she was through with a guy. Jan wasn't going to allow Anne to monopolize this one. She kept encroaching until she had Kurt's hard meat in her mouth. Janet looked up as Anne sat back, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked him voraciously. Anne was still smiling, though. Then she looked at Anja, then at me and frowned.
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"I've never felt anything like it before," John breathed. "And it was definitely great for me."Kent was trying to outmaneuver my wife. He shoved all the chairs to block the path between the table and the window, and then ran around the other side. He caught the hem of her towel as she tried climbing over the chairs. Anne clutched tightly at the towel as he peeled it away from her. Jan and I watched in amusement as he dragged her further into the living room. Each had an end of the towel, Kent with one hand, Anne with both. Anne planted her feet and pulled with all her might. Kent suddenly let go his end, sending her sprawling backward into a plush recliner. She landed in the seat on her back, her legs splayed in the air. Before she could recover, Kent was on her, his mouth clamped over her pussy. Anne giggled and tried halfheartedly to push him away.Ia stared into Elly's eyes, horrified, as she felt the paintbrush start flicking over her lips again. "No," she cried. "Heehee—n-no! Pleeease, no!""Yeah," John groaned as his sister began to fuck him. "Dad's always bragging about how he always beats him at golf. I'll bet he'd love to get back at dad somehow and it doesn't sound like he's ever going to do it on the golf course.""Yup." She smiled. Rolling over, she put her head on my shoulder and slid her arm around my waist. "For two weeks!""I'm gonna do it," the catgirl hissed, as the suckling at Ia's breasts grew stronger, as the tickling of her feet grew more intense. Ia couldn't stop laughing. "Gonna do it over and over again, and I'm gonna come like crazy watching it. 'Cause you don't wanna be a bimbo. 'Cause you wanna stay free. And you know what?""Oh, yes, I want your cock inside of my pussy," Kelly said in a little girls? voice. "I want to feel you as your cock fills me up. But you can't cum inside of me though; I'm not on the pill. But you can cum again in my mouth if that?s okay with you."Grabbing the back of Jenna's head, I gently pushed it down on my husband's cock. Our neighbor's nasty little daughter proved to be a good girl and despite the fact she was still squealing as she came hard into my hand, began bobbing her head. As Doug began to moan continuously, Jenna squirmed against my hand, whimpering as she sucked. My nipples were aching and my pussy was begging for its own release, but right now all that mattered was hearing Jenna squeal in delight and watching Doug move his hips, fucking her willing mouth with his thick cock.
"Honestly, I'd prefer you look just like that," I said, "You look so sexy in those work clothes. But you said you didn't want to mess up your clothes, so come in wearing whatever is comfortable. You know I love your body, so naked works fine for me.""...not counting the guys that were blowjobs only." I added. Anne rolled her eyes at me.Anja sucked Kurt for several minutes. When she stopped and went back to Kent, Kurt did not appear any noticeably harder."I bet they'll do just fine," Jenna said from next to me."All right, let's go then," Kelly agreed, skipping off down the trail, her bikini in her hand."Oh, Kent", she said in her husky Marilyn Monroe voice. "You're a naughty boy. You'll have to be punished later".
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"Wow! This is some very expensive wine." He said."I told you, I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," John said."Oh, yes," John told her. "I'm supposed to get in touch with him.""Uh, are you, you know, doing it with lots of different guys?" John asked. Now he was absolutely certain that she wasn't wearing any panties."He sure looks like he'd like to kill dad," John observed to Tom.With one hand, she unclasped her blue apron and let it fall to the floor. With this done, she sauntered over to him. Her hips swayed and breasts jiggled with every step. His eyes followed the sensuous motions."Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do," Cassidy instructed, almost begging. "Tell me what you like."She plucked sighs of pleasure from me easily as she traced my shoulder and then at last reached my collarbone. There, her teeth, no longer so delicate, staring digging into my skin as she continued to descend, at the same time she was getting rid of my dress. I could do nothing but mimic her movements and say goodbye to her white shirt, which fell to the ground anticipating what would happen in the next few hours.
"I'm sure he would like to meet her," Tom laughed. "I'll say something to him for you, if you'd like."Jan gestured toward to commode. "Go ahead, you're not showing me anything I haven't seen before." She grinned at me. "Though, it does seem a terrible waste of "morning wood.""I want to suck on it!" she said looking up into his eyes. "Can I please suck your cock, Doug?""Then ask me for this," Cassidy instructed, her fingers tightening slightly as her closed hand slid up and down my pole. "Ask me.""Yes, baby!" I called out. "Oh, fuck me!"Lynn seductively made her way down the stairs asking me if I was ready for her surprise. I wondered….”who is going to get tied up?”. My wife came over to me and wrapped the satin material around my face blindfolding me. She told me that I was not allowed to remove my blindfold until she directed me to. Once she verified that I could not see. She told me that she got angry at first when she saw how much attention I was giving Melissa and that it initially made her very jealous. Then she said that after a little while, seeing me lust after another woman, a very beautiful woman at that, actually got her horny. The more she saw me lust after Melissa, the more she found herself getting turned on. “I want you to imagine that you are going to fuck Melissa! Do to me all that you would want to do to her! I want you to use me like a slut tonight instead of your wife….” I felt my cock get even harder realizing that my loving wife was giving me her blessing to fantasize about fucking another woman.
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Without thinking I jumped out of my chair and tried to slam shut the door between the bedroom and the bathroom. For half a second, Cassidy was looking through the doorway, her eyes going wide at the sight of me naked from the waist down with my dick in my hand, and then the door slammed shut in her face.~~~~ ~~~~"Is that your only problem with the idea and she is 18 years old?" John asked, smiling. "I'm still in high school too. Wouldn't you feel like you had really gotten back at him, and without him even knowing about it?""You're so clever and smart," Elly cooed, leaning in. "You would never wanna be my horny bimbo. Never wanna be my whimpering slutty slave."He was tied up by his own mind. His own needy, inexperienced mind. Brist had never been mastered like this before, never even been fucked like this before. And they weren't even letting him come."Oh, fuck this is hot!" she cried out as she put her arms around us. As I licked her nipple, I looked across at Doug and felt my pussy start to drip watching him tongue that pretty pink nub. My hand slid down Jenna's flat stomach and she whimpered as my fingers began caressing the soft skin of her mound. She gasped and jerked forward as Doug's hand had slid down her back and gave her ass a hard squeeze."Hello, John," Tom said, shaking his hand. "More practice?""Sister," the brunette said warningly, "we can't fuck him, remember? It'd spoil everything! Just make him lick you out!"
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