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"As often as we can!" I laughed then stopped when the look on her face didn't change.Beating half limp meat is not a lot of fun, but I couldn't get myself to concentrate. And then I focused on what was really happening here. Beautiful Cassidy was asking me, even convincing me to cum in her hair. Cassidy, with the big, beautiful breasts and the tight little ass, NEEDED me to cum on her. Cassidy, with the pretty face, and full, soft lips, wanted ME to cum on her."Why, you're clean aren't you?" she asked.She gave me another sly smile. "I figured you were or you would be dancing with him, not that pretty girl.""So," he went on, "I figure if you approach them and they seem into you, that's half the battle. And it would be less creepy if you start talking to them, then point me out and go from there."Share
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"I thought you guys had slept with fifty or sixty people, or couples, whatever." Said Jan.Getting to his knees, John got behind Kelly, rubbing the head of his cock between her spread pussy lips, then pressing it into her slowly, not stopping until it had entirely disappeared in her pussy."Oh fuck, that's deep!" she called out."Whatever" I thought to myself. I padded silently back down the hallway to my room and closed the door. After a couple of minutes trying to muffle the moaning and screaming with a pillow stuffed over my ears, I drifted back off to sleep.I nodded and watched as he worked his way through the crowd towards the back of the club. Reaching into my purse, I removed my cell, planning to call the agency. Maybe they would have a red-head available. I had just found the number when I heard a voice behind me."Four." I countered."I love your breasts, they're so sexy," I responded as Cassidy's hands tugged upwards over my excited pole. "Your face is so beautiful... your eyes and your lips... You're so sexy!" I was losing control, both over my words and my body.I asked Lynn where Melissa’s panties were and she stood up and lowered the front of her workout shorts revealing Melissa’s thong panty. She asked me if I wanted to smell Melissa’s panties to which I charged to the chance. I put my wife on the kitchen counter and pulled off her shorts and dove right into her crotch so I could smell Melissa’s scent. The smell of those sweat soaked panties was filled with a familiar yet distinctly unique smell of pussy. I shoved my nose into the crotch area of Melissa’s thong and lustfully relished in the smell of her panties. With my cock rock hard, Lynn told me that I was to pull the thong to the side and fuck her. I was to cum in her and then she was to wear the thong as my cum oozed out of her filling Melissa’s thong with a combination of her juices, sweat, Lynn’s juices and finally my cum. After allowing my cum to soak into Melissa’s panties, Lynn was going to keep that sexy and love scented underwear to tease me and Melissa would be doing the same to Chris. The two ladies used the other’s panties to build more sexual tension and help each other’s fantasies become a little more real. For the next couple of weeks, Lynn would periodically pull out the panties that she had gotten from Melissa that had the blended scent of my wife, Melissa and my cum. Sometimes she’d rub my cock with Melissa’s panties and other times, she’d let me smell it and imagine that it was Melissa I was having sex with. . This really got me horny and especially got me thinking about if this could and would go beyond this. This playful “cheating” that we were doing definitely was sending our sexual experiences to a new height.
Maybe I'll hang with John today, tease him a little bit, and find out what he's been up to, she thought, reaching for a cut-off t-shirt and pulling it over her head. It barely came down enough to cover her tits, and her nipples pressed out against the material, making it very obvious that she had no bra on. She then reached for a pair of cut-offs, slipping into them without any underwear. She loved the feeling of the thick seam rubbing her clit as she moved her legs. She knew if she wasn't careful she'd wet the entire crotch.And as he cried it, mead oozed into his mouth. Even though she'd released his hand, Okino was still holding the mug up to his lips.He rolled his eyes. "Kim! Are you nuts? It's one thing to just try to hit on her, but soliciting is a damn crime!"The boy now told her: "When you wake up in the morning, your nipples will still hurt like hell; but, since the wasps you killed are an endangered species, you'll feel guilty about killing them; and you'll feel even more guilty if your nipples get any relief. In other words, you'll feel better about yourself if your nipples hurt; and the more your nipples hurt, the better you'll feel. That's why you'll refuse to do anything to relieve the pain.""If you want me to," John replied, pulling his shirt on over his head. "Do you want me to?" he asked, looking at her. "It's not too late to change your mind."With his mother and Kelly who were almost look-alike twins, he knew that he had been born into a blessed family and was determined to take advantage of it. That's what assets were for, his father constantly told him. If you don't utilize them, what good are they?
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Seconds later I was naked myself, sitting my desk chair, jerking off to an orgy scene from a hot, high end porn. I hadn't had to use porn much to get off, with Cassidy so willing to help when I needed, so there was something really hot about seeing those sexy bodies fucking. It was like my mind had forgotten some of the hotness of porn. My cock was rock solid in no time, and I felt the excited pleasure flowing through me like I could cum. The thought of cumming on Cassidy's beautiful face, her smooth skin and sparkling smile covered with my spunk, also got me turned on and ready to burst. But I remembered how I'd had a little trouble cumming in her hair the first time I came with her, so I took my time and made sure my balls were churning and I was really close to popping before I called her into my room."Don't you want to fuck me?" Cassidy asked insistently. She threw a leg over my body and began straddling me, her hips now on my thighs and her hand still rubbing at my cock head. "What do I have to do to you? You make it seem like you don't want me. Do I have to throw myself at you? Why don't you want my body like other guys do?""Are you kidding?" she asked with a laugh, her smile now back to full glow. "It's SOOO much better with a partner. I get off so much quicker, I cum harder. Isn't it the same for you? Did you cum better with my hand just now, or did you prefer what you were doing before with your own hand?"If I had any doubt, his remark of "Damn, she's tight" cleared that up.I too am in my mid-forty’s, I am 6ft tall and medium build at about 210. With life and day-to-day, I am only able to hit the gym three times a week trying to keep myself in some decent shape as to keep myself looking good for my wife. I am averaged size below sporting a 6 in circumcised member which I keep well groomed with only a small strip of pubes above my shaft and clean shaven every place else. My wife says she loves the shape of my member with a definite distinction between the head and the shaft. She loves to feel my plump head enter her followed by the shaft with defined veins to give it a little extra feel…. She has always enjoyed the feel of my cock in her mouth and her love canal.My cock swelled with desire, and I realized how great it was going to feel to cum on Cassidy. The naked chick with the bouncing boobs in my video was arousing, but the thought of Cassidy waiting in the next room for my cum was electrifying. What I wanted was Cassidy's wet lips wrapped tightly around my cock. What I wanted was to feel Cassidy's smooth breasts in my hands, and to wrap them around my manhood. What I wanted was to deliver my steaming load straight up Cassidy's wet, tight pussy."Would now be a good time?""Bye, Mr. Henderson," she said, letting her hand grab his cock once more and squeeze. "See you next week."
"Don't tease!" I groaned into Jenna's pussy. "Just suck me off, baby! We'll all go slow later!"John watched as Kelly took Mr. Henderson's cock between her lips. From what he could see, his dick was at least as big as his and maybe a bit thicker. Kelly was enthusiastically sucking on him, able to take almost the entire thing into her mouth. He was feeling good as she felt Mr. Henderson run his fingers through her hair, holding her head steady as he began to slowly fuck her face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth like it was a pussy.With urgency now, she met my mouth with a kiss that so devastated my senses, it took a full moment to realize I now found myself with my back against the shaggy carpet, and then her naked body enwrapping mine.If I didn't know her age for a fact, I would swear this wasn't an nineteen-year-old I was dealing with. She sure as hell wasn't the Little Miss Innocent Doug and I had envisioned her as. Even though I knew I shouldn't do it, I started to imagine what those perky little tits would look like and how her long legs would look wrapped around Doug's waist.Sweet Dreams."So instead of hiding it from each other like it's this dirty, mysterious thing, I think we should just embrace our desires and our physical needs and be open about them," she continued. "It wasn't SHOCKING to me or anything to find you masturbating in your room, of course you jerk off sometimes, every guy does."
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"What is it?" the brunette asked, seeming genuinely perplexed.Bound And Blindfolded – An Erotic StoryBound And Blindfolded – An Erotic StoryShe giggled, "Just Kent, Silly!"The 10-Year Reunion – An Erotic StoryThe 10-Year Reunion – An Erotic Story"Yeah, just realizing a bit about what I'm getting into," she said. "It's okay; I just want to be by myself for now."6 Oral Sex Positions That’ll Put a Smile On Everyone’s Face"Well, that answers that question." I said."I've never been in here before," she said with a laugh, "It kind of smells." She turned back to look at me. "So how do you want to do this?"
I gasped around her precious little nipple when I felt her hand in my hair as she shoved her chest into my face. I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and was rewarded with another of those adorable whimpers. Doug was still teasing her other nipple and had mover her blonde hair to the side and was kissing the soft skin of her neck. Jenna reached back with her arm and wrapped it around his head, urging him to continue."Why, you're clean aren't you?" she asked."Yes, baby!" I called out. "Oh, fuck me!""I won't, mom," Kelly assured her. "I promise.""Right now," Kelly panted, frantically working at his zipper and reaching in for his cock. As soon as she had him exposed she turned and bent over, her hands flat on the floor.She felt her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she lay there and thought about it. God, she loved sex. It had only been a couple of months since she had lost her cherry and she found herself thinking of sex almost all of the time now. Her hands went to her breasts, cupping them as her fingers automatically found her hard erect nipples. One hand slid down between her legs to feel the warm moistness there, a finger finding her erect clit and gently rubbing it.
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"Oh, honey," I whispered as I nuzzled my face past her hair so I could speak in her ear. "They're amazing.""Good morning, My Love. Did somebody wait too long to get up?" My sexy wife called out to me.John was about to fall asleep when he felt, more than heard, his door open softly, and then Kelly was climbing into his bed with him, completely naked.And for emphasis, the third fairy fluttered over and tickled her sole.Buford took his time in replying, leaving Tiffany in suspense. He realized he could obtain better terms from her now that she had committed herself, making it difficult for her to back out now. He pondered what demands he should make. She was a dance major, so he knew how lithe she was. He thought about this, and then he knew what he wanted. The agreeable thoughts that came to his mind made him smile, much to Tiffany's relief."What's that all about?" She gestured at the other two.I gave her ass a squeeze, then reaching further, slid my fingers through her wet lips and found her swollen clit. Jenna gasped around Doug's cock, but kept her lips pressed to it. I could feel Doug's thigh shaking against my shoulder. Placing my fingers around his cock, I gently stroked just the base. I withdrew my lips from him and looked up to see he was sweating and breathing hard. He saw me looking, and I asked, "You want to cum for our pretty little friend, baby?"Cassidy paused. "Why now? Why ask now?"

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