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"Sure." I replied. She watched intently as I shook myself dry.Tom Henderson is actually a nice guy, John decided after they had played the front nine. And he had decided that his father was actually a bad sport, even more so because he didn?t mind laying it on thick since he seemed to always win; so when on the 12th hole Tom made a comment under his breath that John heard about wishing there was some way to get back at that arrogant son of a bitch, John took a deep breath and jumped in."Oh, Jenna," I whispered as my fingers pushed deep inside of her hot and incredibly tight young slit.Quickly Kelly picked up her clothes and dressed, once again the young schoolgirl who went to class with Toms daughter."Well," Kelly said, pressing her pelvis slightly against his leg. "I'd like the money, I guess."Tiffany looked down and smiled. "I wonder what she would have thought if I had told her that my boyfriend, or maybe I should say 'my boyfriends', was a pair of old boots." She laughed and shook her head. "No, I didn't tell her that you were using my pussy to clean your boots because the lips are so soft and silky and protect your boots from damage even when you have to apply enough pressure to remove the grit and any stuck-on gunk from the soles."
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"So what did you have in mind?" I asked."Yeah, just realizing a bit about what I'm getting into," she said. "It's okay; I just want to be by myself for now."When he tried to pull his hands back from her tits, she pulled herself even closer, her hands entangled in his shorts and her tits pressing up against his t-shirt. He felt his cock growing even harder as suddenly Kelly succeeded in opening his shorts and pulling them down around his knees, his cock bulging in his underwear.And at the same time, the paintbrush began to tickle her clit.Read More »"What the hell?!" she yelled through the doorway. Without hesitation, she was turning the handle and reopening the door.He tried to close his eyes, to look anywhere but her eyes of molten gold, but she held him there, just as she held his hand on the mug, just as she held his cock in her slender fingers and continued to slowly edge him towards bliss."Would now be a good time?"

There was no holding back from that and after several more thrusts that caused Jenna to scream and the bed to shake, Doug pulled his cock from inside her. I immediately grabbed it and began pumping it hard and fast."God, John, that was the best fuck of my life," she said. "I guess I've always wanted it to be you."We reached the cabin, stamping the snow off our feet as Kent opened the door. We piled our gear just inside. "Who needs a drink?" Kent asked. "Something warm for me." My wife answered. Kent grabbed her; playfully molesting her "I got something warm for ya, Baby." He's an incorrigible flirt, and Anne always played right along with him. She hiked one of her long, lovely legs around his waist, and ground her pussy through her jeans against his hip. "Get a room, you two", was Janet's only comment as she headed to the kitchen area. She had mentioned fixing us a light meal upon our return. Anne disengaged from Kent to go help, and he followed to make good on the drinks. "I'll get the fire going while you do that." I announced."She's my twin sister," John replied. "I know her better than anyone. So are you interested?"He must have dozed off, because he came suddenly awake by something warm and wet settling on his face. After a momentary panic he realized that it was Kelly's pussy and that her mouth had his cock in it once again. Happily he began to lick and suck at her pussy, loving the taste of her juices that flowed so freely. They sucked each other for almost an hour, Kelly cumming several times, bathing his face in her juices, until finally he was able to cum again, filling Kelly's mouth with his hot load as she gulped it down. When they finally rolled over to catch their breath, John told Kelly about his talk with Tom Henderson."But why the thing about me?" he asked.
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After only a few thrusts, the experience and the unbelievable sight before me began to overwhelm me. I felt the familiar pleasure of an impending orgasm."Oh God," was all I managed, as my hand slid up and down my cock and I looked at Cassidy's smooth, smiling cheeks. Seeing Cassidy's sparkling blue eyes looking up at me, the smile on her full, pink lips, I lost total control. The orgasm burned up suddenly through my loins and burst out in a surge of pleasure through my cock. I managed to keep my eyes open, transfixed by Cassidy's dazzling white smile as she closed her eyes, and my first thick, hot rope of cum splattered squarely over her smiling, pink lips. My cock pulsed again, and another rope of cum landed on Cassidy's smooth right cheek. Then another on her chin, and another drawing a while line on her soft, pink lips. Finally my cock sent a weak glob onto the tub between my feet, but the orgasm continued to light up and tantalize my body for several seconds afterwards, as I soaked in the view of Cassidy's sexy, pale face covered by my hot, white cum."Well, you'll have to explain that because I'm still in high school and inexperienced and all that; I?ll only do that if you're there with me," she said, "and I mean it too."Anja released her hold on me and motioned me away. She sat up and turned over, facing the others. She lifted her bottom to me. I wasn't sure which hole she wanted me to penetrate, but I decided to wait a while on her ass. I still wanted more blowjobs from the ladies. I had a little difficulty mounting her this way. Because her legs were so much longer, her pussy was barely within reach. Anja solved this by hunching down low for me. This also placed her face right into all the cock and pussy lying before us.I gave that pink button a soft kiss causing another moan to come out around Doug's thick cock and then gently took it between my lips. Jenna whimpered and I started sucking on it while pumping my fingers more quickly in and out of her pussy. Jenna started rocking her hips and I could feel her thighs starting to tremble against my face. She had removed Doug's cock from her mouth and was now running her pink tongue up and down his shaft. She was moaning from the effects of my tongue and her eyes were now closed. There was a look of bliss on her face as she took him back into her mouth that caused me to remove my face from between her legs and crawl around her so I was now kneeling next to her.His head spun. He felt himself sagging against the doorway. He imagined pleading for a sip of whatever it was she was making. She would turn around and giggle at him, offering him a spoonful, maybe even letting him lick the bowl, and maybe after he gave in she'd be kind enough to..."Well, I'm not sure about that," John said, hedging and suddenly feeling very nervous. "But I do sort of have an idea."Doug had worked as a personal trainer since just out of college and led by example. His shoulders were broad and his arms and chest were a testament to a lifetime of working out as was his still perfect thirty two waist. Slipping my arm around that waist, I sighed. "So, you really have no idea how to do this?"
"Sister, what's got into you?" The brunette rolled her eyes. "Get a grip!"The new "arrangement" did not start off easily for me. Cassidy behaved as if nothing had changed between us. We hung out in the apartment as much as we did before, and it wasn't like we suddenly talked about sex all the time, or even more than before. So I went back and forth between being somewhat wary that we had this new deal between us, and sometimes forgetting that we had even made a deal.Position Difficulty: 3/5 Pros: Taking the plunge in any new relationship can sometimes feel like a big leap of faith, and whether it’s always worked out or ...And pure, perfect pleasure consumed Ia's mind.We sailed back to the dock as the sun was going down and the four of us relished in the wonderful afternoon that we had just shard. Our discussion was largely centered on the soft swap that we had just shared. We all agreed that as pleasurable as it was, we were not ready to take it further. The boat docked and we assisted Chris in securing the boat. The four of us headed to our cars and before we parted, we all exchanged hugs and kisses and went our separate ways. The entire ride home, Lynn and I talked about our day with Chris and Melissa and when we got home we were both so horny from talking about what happened on the boat, we barely go into the house before we started making love. Over the next week or so, Lynn would pull out Melissa’s pussy scented G-string and would tease me about the thought of fucking Melissa.Her fingers kept pumping him, slowly but steadily. They were slick and sticky, and he knew why. His cock was tingling, too, now. He trembled.
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I jerked my eyes back to her face. After giving her a nervous smile, I said, "Wow, Jenna. I didn't recognize you! You usually dress kind of—"Fuck her! his mind insisted. Fuck her 'til she's yours! She'll be weak, thanks to Ytheri!"We promise," both Kelly and John said simultaneously.His face brightened."You win, this time." Jan muttered playfully.*****Elly beamed at her. “Good girl.”Suddenly I realized everyone was looking at me rather expectantly, as if it were my turn to push the envelope. I looked around the table hurriedly, intending to stay with the food theme. The salad contained sliced olives. Perfect! I plucked a round, black circle from my plate. Holding it between my thumb and forefinger, I peered through the hole at Janet. I looked her over, as if performing an examination, before I focused on her breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible through the damp material. I leaned across the table and hooked one finger in the right cup on her bra, and slowly pulled it down. Jan pushed her breasts at me, and one of her perfectly formed tits fell into my hand. I glanced at Kent and Anne.

You promised, the suggestions whispered, honeysuckle-sweet, brushing against his mind like teasing feathers. You admitted you love it. You came. You gave in. Why not just wait a little longer? You know you don't have it in you. Feels so right to give in. You promised.Buford grinned again. Tiffany could feel her face getting hot. It was too late to turn back now. She took another breath. "I wanted to ask you," she said, "what you were thinking when you were using me to clean the soles of your boots. At least, I think you were using me to clean them." She paused. Buford didn't say anything, so she continued: "I have my own ideas about what you were thinking, but I don't really know, since you never said anything while you were cleaning them." She paused again. "Anyway, I just wanted to know for sure whether I was right." Tiffany looked down, unable to meet Buford's gaze."I don't like to wear them," Kelly said, feeling his fingers pressing into the crack of her ass as he squeezed her cheeks. "That sure feels good, Mr. Henderson," she said, enjoying the sensation. "Does it excite you too?" she asked, letting a hand drop down between their bodies to cover his hard cock in his pants.No! He needed to move, and fast, before she noticed him. Okino tried to will his feet to budge. He needed to advance, or he needed to run, but he needed to do something.The touch of her fingers was soft and firm. They traversed the length of my arm with an almost exasperating slowness, causing my breathing to grow heavy and deafening to my own ears. As they traipsed ever further with painful slowness, I felt my heart beating at dizzying speed, as if I were on the verge of an abyss.I approached them, caught one of Anja's ankles and tugged insistently on her. She slid to the floor for me, pulling Kent with her.
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Jenna looked at the bed and with another of those perfect giggles threw herself onto the bed on her back. She bounced and laughed as she pushed with her legs, scooting herself further up the bed. I leaned over, and after giving Doug a long kiss, whispered, "Let's enjoy our little friend."SLEEPING BEAUTY:I grabbed the door for him, as he carried both our wives' drinks, too. Jan and Anne were sprawled on opposite sides of the tub; arms spread wide, hands holding the edge behind them. Their breasts floated just above the bubbling water for our eyes to behold. It was a smaller tub, four people would be a close fit, but that was perfect for this evening. Kent entered the foaming water and handed both women their drinks. Vodka and Dr. Pepper for Anne, a margarita for Jan. Kent was standing on the last step. His cock stuck straight out, a few inches above the water. He lingered there a moment, purposefully giving the girls a chance to admire his equipment, which of course they both did. If I had any concerns about the mood wearing off on either of the women, they evaporated as soon as I entered the tub across from Kent. I started to sit down, Janet said "Wait, don't sit yet."I watched the back of her long, well-shaped legs for a moment before raising my gaze higher and letting out a low whistle at how good her ass looked in the skintight skirt. "Goddamn," I whispered."So, John, why don't you tell me about your idea," Tom began.Jenna giggled and entered the room. I followed to see her standing in front of our bed, a huge smile on her face. I immediately went over to her. Moving so quickly she caught me by surprise, Jenna threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips hard to mine. Unlike the club, this was not a teasing kiss. I groaned as my incredibly eager young neighbor all but attacked my mouth. My arms went around her slim waist, and this time, it was Jenna who moaned in her throat as I returned her kiss with equal fervor.Then he frowned. "But first I need to get hard again." He nodded towards his flaccid tool, dr*ped over his thigh.And she most definitely.
The serious trouble started a couple weeks before my roommate was due to move out. His fiance told me she had heard I was trying to line up another roommate so I could keep my place, and she said she had a roommate who was now looking for a new apartment to share. I should have asked why I had never met her roommate, that would have been warning sign. But the question didn't cross my mind at the time."Kent comes a lot when he's really horny." Janet explained while doing her make-up. She pulled back the curtain a little and looked at Anne, "He's been really horny since last night. Woke me up twice for sex after we went to bed." Anne tugged the curtain shut on us. I started the water for her, standing out of the spray to let her rinse. Normally, Anne isn't much of a 'morning sex' person, but she seemed far more excited than usual this morning."I gotta see if we still fit." I told her. Anne pondered this a moment, then with a slightly panicked look, fell to the rug, pulling me with her. She lay on her back and clutched her knees to her chest. I pushed my cock into her missionary style. She was very wet, very receptive, but not any less tight than I had felt after a busy night of sex. I withdrew and twirled my finger, motioning her to get on her hands and knees. Again, my cock slid into her familiar embrace. I pulled my cock out of her again as she rolled to her side. She raised her top leg for me, and I straddled her lower one and slipped into her tightness. She squeezed her vaginal muscles as a final reassurance, and we both relaxed."Ohh," she cooed, the sound causing a flutter between my legs. "That's a hot thought, because if you don't mind me saying, Doug is fine!""Are you ready to fuck me, now?" Anja was speaking to Kent.Before I could react to what was happening, Cassidy had thrown a shoulder into my door and was slipping into my room. "You can't check e-mail on your phone? What are you up to?" she demanded as she confidently bulled her way into my room.
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"I've been so horny all day and all I can do is think of fucking and what we will do tonight. It's like a virus or something, or drug addiction I guess and I can't wait to fuck you when we get home.""Have you ever done it before?" John asked."You're kidding, right?" was my incredulous reply."And nobody's likely to come here, are they?" Kelly asked her eyes on his growing bulge."Then I...well I played around with a couple of girls and now I think about you too, Kim. The two of you are just..." She sighed. "I think about it all the time! And when I saw you guys tonight I couldn't help trying!""And you're perfect!" Doug exclaimed, and wrapping his arms around her waist, drew her into a hard kiss."Oh, they're asleep," she said. "Once they knew I was home they turned their light off. So do you want to hear about my date?" she asked softly."Nope!" She shook her head. "I take my time when it counts."

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