• Clubfoot Treatment

    Facilitating treatment for clubfoot, often in partnership with MiracleFeet, primarily using the highly successful Ponseti method. This gentle, noninvasive treatment focuses on stretching and casting, producing amazing results especially in young children. As needed, this method is combined with a minor surgical procedure to lengthen the Achilles tendon. The Ponseti method is effective in 95% of cases and prevents complications and pain later in life that can be caused by more invasive surgeries.

  • Supplying chlorine

    Manufacturing chlorine to distribute in areas facing devastating illness, By providing chlorine production units and training men and women on the ground, Operation Blessing provides a constant supply of chlorine to help combat the spread of these illnesses.

  • Life-changing surgeries

    Providing life-changing surgeries for cleft lips and palates, hernias, strabismus, heart problems, and other debilitating and life-threatening conditions.

  • Nutritious meals

    Addressing nutrition concerns before they become major health risks by providing sources of nutritious meals to children in vulnerable communities in places.

  • Optometry

    Helping the impaired see, whether through free eye exams and glasses for victims.