• Building water wells

    Building deep, solar-powered water wells in places , where the sun is abundant and droughts frequent. In many communities, young girls sacrifice education for water sacrificed their education to walk several times a day to water. These wells not only shorten the distance to safe water but also free up their time so they may attend school.

  • H2OB Oasis

    Working with Aqua Research, Sahi Groups has developed a low cost, ultrafilter-based, water treatment system that can be used in low income households and disaster relief settings to remove all classes of microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

  • MSR SE-200 Community Chlorine Maker

    In cooperation with PATH and Mountain Safety Research (MSR), Operation Blessing helped field test the SE-200, which runs off a 12-volt battery or wall plug and in six minutes produces enough chlorine to disinfect 50 gallons of water. This device is ideal for small communities, schools, churches and orphanages.

  • Kohler Clarity Filtration System

    Distributing the inexpensive and effective Clarity filtration system. Untreated water is poured into the upper reservoir where it slowly gravity feeds through a ceramic filter that removes all pathogens and turbidity. Over 300 units are in place in a Honduran village where Operation Blessing is conducting an anti-Zika mosquito eradication program.

  • H2gO Purifier

    Utilizing the H2gO Purifier, a handheld purification tool that is low cost, easy to use and able to generate chlorine disinfectant within minutes, during disasters like Hurricane Matthew and in remote regions to provide safe drinking water to families and entire villages.

  • Desalinating saltwater

    Partnering with Parker Hannifin, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of water processing equipment, to field test and develop filtration systems for use in global community development.

  • Installing hand pump wells

    Installing conventional hand pump water wells where millions are without access to sources of safe water.